Jonah Lovitz

Hometown: Valpariso, IN
Student Classification: Junior
Major: Autonomy and Control

Why did you choose Aeronautics and Astronautics?
I originally chose aeronautics and astronautics because I wanted to be challenged academically, and Purdue AAE is one of the best program

Best event or organization you’ve participated in within AAE?
Purdue Orbital

Best event or organization you’ve participated in outside of AAE?
Chinese Calligraphy Club

Why did you want to be an AAE Ambassador?
I wanted to be an AAE ambassador to help prospective students like me who weren't sure about going into aeronautical and astronautical engineering realize that AAE is the best choice.

Favorite place on campus?
Dudley Study Rooms

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why?
My favorite class was MA265 linear algebra because the theory behind linear algebra is interesting to me and the problems felt like puzzles.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a potential AAE student?
Start homework as early as possible! Don't wait until a day or two before the due date to start!

Who is someone you look up to in the Aero/Astro industry and why?
The people I look up to most in the Aero/Astro industry are my professors because they are the ones who made my success possible.

What motivates you to succeed?
The pursuit of knowledge is what motivates me to succeed!

What is your ultimate career goal?
I want to earn my masters degree and work on control systems in commercial aircraft.

What do you like to do when you’re not studying/in the lab or classroom?
When I'm not in the classroom, I like to play Doodle Jump, collect vinyl records, go to concerts, and drink boba tea.