Student-Driven Innovation Ignites Campus - Haddy Alchaer and Zoe Slatkin

Author: Arvind Raman
PodbeanID: s56ig-162894a-pb
Episode: 03
PodbeanTitle: Haddy Alchaer and Zoe Slatkin - Interview Summary
At Purdue, classroom, lab and seminar learning is the springboard for a student's deep dive into their passions. Purdue students are not only excelling in foundational tenets taught in that traditional academic setting — they are spilling out after class to join or start clubs and organizations, collaborating across disciplines with other students and faculty, entering national and international competitions, and hosting national expos in their fields. They are developing professionally by learning hands-on at industry level via internships and experiential co-ops, and launching research and startups to take their pursuits to a whole new level. This episode of Engenuity features two students who are taking part in the intellectual and innovation ferment — in their case, in space and robotics — that is bubbling across the Purdue campus.