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Dual Degree MSE/MS+MBA Curriculum Requirements

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) / Master of Science (MS) followed by the MBA from Kelley Direct, Indiana University 

The Purdue Interdisciplinary Engineering Degrees (MSE/MS) require 30 credit hours total with at least 18 hours in Purdue engineering courses and a maximum of two IU courses; the MBA portion of the degree is an additional 30 credit hours totaling 60 credit hours (when taking the maximum of two IU courses while at Purdue.)

Your Purdue plan of study (POS) also needs to include a course from each bridge area below.  One (and only one) of the four bridge courses must be an IU course. A maximum of two IU courses are allowed to use on your plan of study. One is the bridge and one would be an elective. IU course options are listed with an *.  

IU offers further details on your Kelley courses as well as plan of study details. 

Note: Your Purdue plan of study may only include IU courses from this list. 

Dual Degree MSE/MS + MBA - Partnered with IU

_____ Required bridge area: Economics (3 hours)

_____ Required bridge area: Operations (3 hours)

_____ Required bridge area: Information Technology (3 hours)

_____ Required bridge area: Quantitative Analysis (3 hours)

_____ Transfer: IU Courses (6 hours)

_____ Electives: Engineering/Non-engineering (max. 6 hours non-engr)

_____ IU: Core MBA Courses (30 hours)


  • Major: Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Engineering or Master of Science
  • 12 OPTIONAL concentrations


Course Title
BUKD C530 Economics for Managers* (Fall & Spring)
IE 54500 Engineering Economic Analysis
IE 54600 Economic Decisions in Engineering
IE 59000 Manufacturing Economics (not currently offered)



Course Title
BUKD C580 Operations Management* (Winter, Spring & Summer)
IE 57000 Manufacturing Processes Engineering
IE 57400 Industrial Robotics & Flexible Assembly
IE 57900 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing Systems
IE 58000 Systems Simulation
ME 55300 Product and Process Design
ME 55700 Design for Manufacturability (requires 3 on-campus, Saturday labs)
MSE 59700  Lean Manufacturing


Information Technology

Course Title
BUKD C522 Information Technology * (Fall & Winter)
ECE 54700 Introduction to Computer Communication Networks
ECE 59500 Intro to Data Mining


Quantitative Analysis

Course Title
BUKD C520 Quantitative Analysis* (Fall, Spring & Summer)
IE 53000 Quality Control (or as STAT 51300)
IE 53300 Industrial Application of Statistics
MA 52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I
MA 52800 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II
STAT 51100 Statistical Methods
STAT 51300 Quality Control (or as IE 53000)
STAT 51400 Design of Experiments
STAT 51600 Basic Probability and Applications
STAT 51700 Statistical Inference

Other IU courses approved for Purdue POS:
BUKD C550 Law and Ethics in Business (Winter & Spring)
BUKD C561 The US in a Global Economy (Fall, Spring & Summer)


The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements. This website is a knowledge source for specific requirements and completion.

Note: The plan of study worksheet is an aid to help you understand the program requirements and map out a plan. The actual electronic plan of study ePOS is submitted via myPurdue during the first semester you're registered after admission to a degree program.