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Job growth for expert services of trained Civil Engineers is likely to increase dramatically with the new federal infrastructure bill aimed at modernizing highways, repairing bridges, replacing older rail transit, renewing aging airports, and more – all on a scale not seen in a generation. Civil… Read More
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Roger Alford did his homework even before he made the leap to becoming a student in Purdue University's online electrical and computer engineering master's degree program. “I evaluated every online program available at the time and found Purdue to have one of the best," said… Read More
Tameka Moore had heard a lot about Agile practice at her company, which hooked her up with an Agile coach and also offered some company training in the Agile methodology. But Moore, who describes herself as an avid lifelong learner, wanted to know more. She was looking for a course that would help… Read More
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — As if COVID-19 weren’t enough, harried public health professionals at local, state and federal levels are facing a potential crisis from empty buildings, closed and reclosed by the pandemic, where water systems may have been idle for weeks or months and may have become… Read More