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The 2020 (now 2021) Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo were remarkable in terms of the skill and sophistication of the athletes who competed, and in terms of how the scope of the games broadened traditional definitions of what constitutes a sport. New boundary-pushing sports showcased included surfing,… Read More
In times of crisis, energy must be produced and deployed quickly to the areas that need it, but conventional energy infrastructure is not wholly crisis-proof. As recently as February 2021, a bitter cold front came close to collapsing Texas’ power grid. After unusually frigid temperatures moved into… Read More
Transportation in the next decade is poised to undergo a dramatic transformation with the mass deployment not only of electric vehicles but of autonomous transportation systems of all types. This is certain to create a demand for engineers versed in the new framework and capable of working on these… Read More
//--> //--> The most successful introductions of Agile usually start with small teams.  At Purdue, a quickly growing digital marketing team was having difficulty sustaining project development. It was evident that the chaos stemmed from all the requests pouring in daily with no prioritization… Read More
Job growth for expert services of trained Civil Engineers is likely to increase dramatically with the new federal infrastructure bill aimed at modernizing highways, repairing bridges, replacing older rail transit, renewing aging airports, and more – all on a scale not seen in a generation. Civil… Read More
Tameka Moore had heard a lot about Agile practice at her company, which hooked her up with an Agile coach and also offered some company training in the Agile methodology. But Moore, who describes herself as an avid lifelong learner, wanted to know more. She was looking for a course that would… Read More
In the best of times, Agile Project Management is an effective way to get things done. In the worst of times – like a virus pandemic – it could be a lifesaver, sometimes literally. Rachel Lamb, PMP®, for one, views the Agile methodology as perfect for a situation like the COVD-19 crisis, or any… Read More