Course Registration

You will use the University's student self-service system, myPurdue, to register for courses, pay tuition, access grades, and perform other tasks directly related to your academic, financial, and campus needs. To participate in a Purdue graduate-level online course you must be an admitted student with an active Career Account.

Students may register for classes during the open registration periods:

  • summer registration opens in January
  • fall registration opens in March and 
  • spring registration opens in October. For specific dates you will need to check the academic calendar.

Please follow the steps below to help assist you with registration.

Selecting Courses

We provide not only a list of classes scheduled for the upcoming semester, but also an advanced planning schedule so that you can look ahead as you work out your schedule. Details about the topics which will be covered in a course, how many assignments and exams are expected, special software requirements and more, are outline in the Course Detail Sheets available only on from our website. Please review our Course Catalog and click on the course title from the listing. You must have the prerequisites or background and experience needed for any course in which you seek to enroll.


  • Access the Student Login to verify your profile information, update/verify your exam proctor, view the semester CRN, and
  • Retrieve your Registration PIN for the semester. 
  • Log in to myPurdue to remove holds, check your time ticket, add or drop classes and view, print & pay e-bills.

Students will be able to view their class schedule and add or modify classes via myPurdue during the first week of the fall and spring semesters. Adding a class during the second week of the semester is not recommended and requires the instructor's written permission. Schedule revision dates for summer sessions are adjusted proportionally.