Proctored Exam Process

The exam process for online students is designed to be both highly structured as well as efficient and supportive so that you're positioned to succeed. There are some steps you'll need to take to get set up for taking proctored exams:

  • Identify an exam proctor and testing site in your area.
  • Use this link: to confirm or update your proctor and site each semester. This form should be filled out for every course requiring an in-person proctor, each semester. 

A few business days prior to the exam, your exam proctor will receive an email notification that the exam is available to be accessed. The exam file will include a coversheet listing the materials you're allowed to have with you during the exam and the time limit for your exam. The instructor will announce prior to the exam what these details include.

Taking proctored exams as an online student is an efficient process. The majority of online courses administer exams online. However, there are some courses that require an in-person proctor. Each in-person proctored exam at Purdue is taken with a paper and pencil, but the process prior to the exam can be accomplished online. Purdue allows you to pick your proctor and test location. It simply will require some pre-planning on your part, which we'll help guide you through. Not all courses will have exams nor will they be in the presence of a proctor. Check with your course instructor regarding online exams not requiring a proctor.  

Your proctor will guide you through the exam process from start to finish, and provide you with the necessary testing materials at the exam time. There will be a limit to what you may bring with you to the testing site, and there won't be any breaks throughout the duration of the exam, so it's important for you to plan accordingly.

In-Person Proctored Exam Process

Exam dates are set by the instructor. Exams are not emailed to your proctor. Exams are released to your proctor in advance through a Secure Exam Portal where they have access to and will retrieve and return to our office. We will release the exam to your professor for grading. The student must have a proctor on file in order for our office to send the exam.

  1. Student will find an exam proctorand enter their information into for verification and final approval.
  2. Our office will approve the proctor and send a confirmation to the student and proctor along with expectations and instructions on administering the exam.
  3. The proctor will retrieve the exam from a secure portal and administer based upon the criteria from the exam cover sheet outlined by the instructor. 
  4. The student will take the exam on the day of the scheduled exam at a time that is convenient for both them and their proctor.
  5. The proctor will return the exam to our office within the secure portal.
  6. Our office will release the exam within the secure portal to the instructor for grading.

If your proctor has trouble accessing your exam, they should contact or by calling (765) 494-7015 if there are any questions about receiving, administering, or returning your exams. We cannot do any troubleshooting through the student; we must work with the proctor directly. 

Review the Student Responsibilities for additional exam information.

Online Proctored Exam Process

Not all courses will have exams or have exams that require a proctor. If you have an online exam to be administered through Brightspace, you will continue to work with the instructor of the course and not our office.

Tips for a Successful Exam

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking exams as an online student at Purdue:

  • If your exam is online, make sure your location has fast and reliable Internet.
  • Make sure your testing site is in a quiet location.
  • Remove from the testing facility any materials not approved by your instructor (cell phone, notes, textbooks, etc.)
  • Always have a photo ID so that your in-person or online proctor can confirm your identity.
  • Plan accordingly, as you won't be able to take a break at any point throughout the duration of the exam.