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Systems Simulation


Credit Hours:


Start Date:

August 24, 2020

Learning Objective:

After taking the course, students should be able to build simulation models for evaluating behaviors of alternative designs (layout/capacity/decision policy) in various applications such as manufacturing, service, and information systems.


Simulation is the process of designing and creating computerized models of real or proposed systems for the purpose of conducting numerical experiments to better understand the behavior of that system for a given set of conditions. The course introduces various simulation modeling techniques, using Arena simulation software. F2018 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

Simulation overview and concepts, Arena basics and structure, Basic modules, Intermediate modules, Advanced modules, Input analyzer, Process analyzer, Output analyzer, OptQuest.


Basic statistics and programming skills.

Applied / Theory:

80 / 20

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Web Content:

Syllabus, grades, lecture notes, homework assignments, and solutions.


Approximately 5 homework assignments. To be submitted via Blackboard.


The term project will be conducted in a team composed of a mix of on- and off-campus students. The project could be from the real problems that the off-campus students are facing in their work.


Two midterm exams and a final exam.


Official textbook information is now listed in the Schedule of Classes. NOTE: Textbook information is subject to be changed at any time at the discretion of the faculty member. If you have questions or concerns please contact the academic department.
Optional - "Simulation with Arena", 5th ed. by W. David Kelton, Randall P. Sadaowski, Nancy Swets. For software of contents of book:

Computer Requirements:

ProEd minimum computer requirements.

Other Requirements:

Arena Simulation Software - free downloadable.

ProEd Minimum Requirements:


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