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Student Responsibilities


To ensure that your Purdue degree remains well respected over time, it is essential that we maintain a high level of academic integrity for our exam process. That is why we require you to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor (unless it is a take-home exam as these are not proctored).


Call your exam site to identify any guidelines or instructions specific to your exam site, such as exam proctoring fees, walk-in appointments, exam arrangements, alternate contacts, office hours and so on. The student is responsible for any fees accrued during the semester.

It is your responsibility to provide your exam schedule & make arrangements with your proctor.You do not have to take the exam at the same time as the on-campus students (unless instructed otherwise), but you do have to take it on the same date unless you have prior approval from your professor to take it on an alternate date.

If your proctor has trouble accessing your exam they should contact our office directly at (765) 494-7015 if there are any questions about receiving, administering, or returning your exams.

You are able to identify a primary and backup proctor. You must log into the Manage My Account portal before the start of the semester and use the Confirm/Update My Exam Site and Proctor Information link to verify your Proctor is correct. This is also where you will go to change your proctor if needed.

If your proctor is unable to administer your exam on a scheduled date either you or the proctor need to identify an alternate proctor and provide Purdue Online (765) 494-7015 with this information. This person must be either a supervisor or HR representative, if at your employer, or a proctor at a public exam site such as a testing center or library. 

If you are unable to take the exam on the scheduled date you must contact your professor prior to the scheduled date and request to make alternate arrangements. Please copy on any related correspondence. Please note that the professors have the right to refuse to allow students to take exams on alternate dates.

Returning students must confirm their exam Proctor each semester by logging into Manage My Account portal using the Confirm/Update My Exam Site and Proctor Information link.


The exams are not emailed to your Proctor. They are made available to your Proctor via a Secure Exam Portal. Your proctor will return exams to the Purdue Online office following instructions provided in advance.

1. The professor gives us the exam original along with a coversheet that includes instructions such as time limits and what aids are or are not allowed. These are the instructions the proctor is to follow when administering the exam to you.

2. We upload the exam to the secure proctor portal.

3. We send an email notification to your proctor when the exam is available to download.

4. The proctor administers the exam to the student according to the instructor's guidelines.

5. Once the exam is administered, your proctor will scan the completed exam to a PDF file and upload into the secure proctor portal.

6. We will review and release your exam to the professor for grading. If there are any issues, we will contact your proctor.

Exam dates are set by the Instructor and will be posted on the Exam Schedule at our websiteExam Schedule.


Your Purdue email account is the primary means of communication for e-billing, important announcements and critical date reminders from the university.

Please be sure to add and to your address book or safe senders list to ensure our emails are not caught in any filters.