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Our Staff


John Fassnacht, Principal Managing Director, Engineering and PPI, (765) 494-7015,

Phillip Conrad, Director, Technology & Technical Operations (765) 494-6674 

Matthew Wagner, Director of Program Administration (765) 494-7015

Lindsay Roberts, Assistant Director, Student and Program Management,

Emilie Maurais, MSC PMP, Senior Program Manager, Graduate Program Management,



Student Support:

Heather Bagshaw, Online Admissions (765) 494-7019

Crystal Rodriquez, M. Ed., Online Students Affairs Administrator,

Erica Daugherty, Graduate Secretary (765) 494-0368

John Wellman, Educational Program Manager (765) 494-3688


Course and Production Staff:

Steve Beier, Multimedia Production Specialist (765) 494-0185

Carl Black, Multimedia Production Manager (765) 496-3124

Joshua Brown, Multimedia Systems Manager (765) 494-7016

Anu Chandra, Senior Instructional Designer (765) 494-3837

Tuhin Dey, Senior Instructional Designer (765) 494-8583

Jim MacDonald, Production Assistant (765) 494-4509



Amanda Silva, Marketing & Outreach Specialist (765) 496-3708