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Alumni Testimonials

Purdue University's graduate online engineering students have access to the highest quality of education at the highest proven value. For professional engineers, that's an opportunity to maximize your professional growth while at the same time keeping your current career on track.

These are some of the testimonials from our current and past students.


Aeronautics & Astronautics

Picture of Christopher Trickle

Christopher Trickle

Structural Design Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Graduated 2015
Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering

"Designer of Primary Wing Structure on Boeing 767-300F Freighters and KC-46 Tankers."

"I was able to directly apply the knowledge I gained in the classroom to solve real world problems and to address more complex and rigorous assignments earlier in my career."

"Master's from Purdue positively sets you apart from your colleagues, shows that you possess advanced knowledge in your field, and opens doors for you to advance your career."

"I enjoyed the synergy of learning hands-on at work and in the classroom at Purdue – I was able to immediately apply what I learned in class at in my daily position. It was sometimes challenging to balance the class workload with my job, but most professors were understanding and supportive."

"An online Master's in Engineering from Purdue will give you the opportunity to further develop your skill set as an Engineer and enable you to advance your career."

"Being a Purdue Engineer enables you to be an active part of making advances in your field and be at the forefront of your industry."

Interdisciplinary Engineering

Picture of Kyle Hummel

Kyle Hummel

Senior Metallurgical Engineer, Contour Hardening, Inc. 
Graduated 2015 
Interdisciplinary Engineering

"I manage the quality department as well as develop our heat treat processes for new product (R&D) and help manage our continuous improvement initiatives."

"I took a broad range of classes over several different disciplines to help me become a well-rounded engineer. I also developed relationships with professors and other individuals within the program that have assisted me further in my career."

"I was unable to find any other programs like the Purdue EPE program. It is flexible, challenging, and relevant. When I think of a normal online program I think of a lot of reading and online quizzes and tests, but with Purdue you are taking current classes that are essentially the same as an on campus student, except with the added flexibility of watching lectures when it was most convenient. I was able to complete my degree with a newborn baby at home, so do not put it off until you think life will be less complicated!"

"The most beneficial aspect of an online degree is the flexibility. Being able to watch the lectures at convenient time was crucial."

"I believe that the Engineering master's degree is valuable because it conveys the importance of the technical aspect of the engineer's duties. Management skills are important, but if you have a solid technical background as well, it can make you a much more valuable engineer. Purdue engineers are top notch, and have earned the respect they receive worldwide."

Picture of David Price

David Price

Engineering Manager, General Electric Aviation
Graduated 2013
Interdisciplinary Engineering, Concentration in Engineering Management & Leadership

"As part of GE Aviation's Engineering Leadership team, my role is multi-faceted in terms of running a major program with continual projects while meeting challenging cost, schedule, and quality constraints, championing improvement initiatives, and recruitment of top talent to the organization."

"While on-the-job training is worthwhile, reaching out of the organization to learn the best practices in industry is essential else you'll just stay within the envelop (or thought process) that each organization will naturally create otherwise."

"At my age and given where I'm at career-wise, conventional wisdom would indicate I shouldn't have pursued a 3rd master's degree, but I didn't get where I'm at in life by living by someone else's convention.  Certainly it was great to freshen up the skills and learn new things, but for me, the key benefit was proving to myself that I could compete with the best and brightest students half my age... and beat them."

"Pursuing an online program can be a daunting decision. There's no doubt it's a big time commitment, but standing still in terms of knowledge and skills isn't a decision worth making in today's environment, when instead, you can have access to some of the best professors anywhere."

"While Purdue has an amazing history and tradition of excellence, it's the present and future that excite me the most.  I now feel a connection to an amazing talent pipeline to the future."

Kris Young

Kris Young

Dealer Account Executive, Cummins Inc.
Graduated 2015
Dual Master of Science in Engineering & Master of Business Administration 

"I maintain a healthy relationship and an open channel of communication to provide information, support and training regarding Cummins' products, tools, offerings, and services to On-highway dealers within the AZ/NM territory."

"I was previously in research and development and found myself using material I studied and learned during my degree in a daily basis. It made me much more proficient with a tool kit directly related to my field of work."

"The degree shows an added dedication to understanding the field as well as equips you with the foundational knowledge & tools to answer the questions and solve the problems you'll be up against on a daily basis. The flexible schedule was very beneficial, as well as the ability to re-watch lectures."

"The professors and courses are fantastic. Take courses that you have interest in, regardless of difficulty, and ones that directly relate to your field. Try a semester with 1 less course than you think you can handle (1-2) to see how well you can manage time and stress. Then adjust."

"Being a Purdue Engineer means that I have been trained by some of the world's best engineers with cutting edge techniques, tools, and technologies. It also means that I can count on my education to pull through when it comes down to performing in a real-world situation."