Find an Exam Proctor

As an online student, you may need to identify an exam proctor and testing site for in-person proctored exams. You can find if your course requires in-person proctors when taking exams in your course Brightspace page. Courses that require in-person proctors vary by semester and are at the instructor’s discretion.

What Is an Exam Proctor?

An exam proctor will receive your exam materials, administer the exam to you, and return your exam materials to Purdue for grading. If someone from your organization has already taken online courses through Purdue, there is most likely a certified exam proctor already on site for you to use. If your employer has not yet partnered with Purdue, you'll need to find someone who will serve as your exam proctor-typically someone from your organization's HR department, a supervisor, or a member of a training and development team. You may also utilize a proctor outside of your workplace such as a library, local college, or testing center.

Who Can Be a Proctor?

Individuals who are approved proctor types include:

  • Adult learning center employees
  • Commanding officers
  • Employer, school, or public librarians
  • Human resource or educational/training representatives
  • Local college testing center staff
  • Managers or supervisors who are in your direct chain of command
  • Teachers/professors (academic relationship only)

Contact a qualified person first to make sure they are willing to serve as your proctor. Your exam proctor must have access to a computer, printer, and scanner. Proctors must follow our regulations for administering exams (sent directly to them via email once approved) and have flexibility to be present during the entire period of each examination. You are able to use more than one exam proctor as you take courses through Purdue.

Who Cannot Serve as Proctors?

There are certain individuals who cannot serve as your exam proctor, including:

  • Athletic or assistant coaches
  • Co-workers without supervisory responsibilities
  • Direct reports/employees
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Spouses
  • Students

Where Do I Take My Exams?

Many of our students are able to find a suitable testing location at their place of employment. If this isn't the case for you, arrangements will need to be made to find a public site where you'll take your proctored exams. Usual sites include a local community college or public library. The National College Testing Association offers a list of public testing sites. If required, payment of any fees for usage of your public viewing site will be the student's responsibility.