Edwin C. López Ramos

Mechanical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Edwin C. López Ramos

Edwin C. López Ramos received his bachelor’s degree (2018) and is a current PhD candidate, both in mechanical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus (UPRM), where he is a member of the Bubble Dynamics Laboratory. There, he uses resonant acoustic standing waves to study bubble detection and rupture in acoustic chambers and simplified biological models. López recently was able to non-invasively detect and rupture bubbles inside artificial tubing within a swine thigh and perform preliminary assessments on red blood cell viability. He is the co-author of a joint patent application — for a non-invasive apparatus and method for fragmenting bubbles — between UPRM and SIL Technologies LLC, where he currently works as a research scientist. In addition, he has been a critical contributor to an NIH project geared toward developing the first on-site treatment device for divers experiencing the onset of mild and severe decompression sickness. He envisions himself as a faculty member who encourages lifelong learning topics such as advancements in technology, cultural diversity, and their entanglement in society. He hopes to cultivate students’ comfort level to question, be questioned, receive feedback, and execute projects so that they appreciate the difference between obtaining and understanding the solution of a problem.

Research Interests

Bubble Dynamics, Bubble Detection, Bubble Rupture, Bioengineering, Blood