George Goble

Senior Systems Engineer

Phone: (765) 494-3545

Unit and Group Affiliations


As an Electrical Engineering student here at Purdue, George first got involved with the ECN during its formative years when it was the EE Computer Network. Now George Goble, Senior Systems Engineer, plays a major role in maintaining the ECN's foundation of support.

An average day for George begins by rising early to come to work and check for any down machines. He checks the queue for any immediate problems which have been documented since the previous day's work. Next, he conducts research by looking for "bug reports" concerning HP and/or specifically OmniBack and Veritas Netbackup. This can be very useful as such investigation can lead to the prediction of potential problem areas before they become real problems. Sometimes he can use the web to communicate with company engineers for insight into new fixes and developments. George's main responsibility involves the back-up of more than 35,000 gigabytes of information. His expertise with UNIX administration and UNIX systems has led to his continued improvement and implementation of the ECN back-up system. George provides the necessary support for the OmniBack and Veritas Netbackup programs which control the back-up of all ECN network machines.

George enjoys even his trip to and from work occasionally with his Hummer. Off-hours provide an excellent opportunity to take the Hummer through mud and even shallow rivers. George is also an inventor. He has invented, patented and developed several substitutes for Freon, the refrigerants used most often in automobile air-conditioning systems. He currently holds 7 US patents on refrigerants.