University Faculty Scholars - Active Appointments

Arezoo Ardekani
Professor Of Mechanical Engr
Sunil Bhave
Professor Of Elect And Computer Engr
Bryan Boudouris
R. Norris and Eleanor Shreve Professor of Chemical Engineering
Jing Gao
Associate Professor Electrical And Com
James Garrison
Professor Of Aero And Astro/Ece
Konstantina Gkritza
Professor Of Civil Engr And Abe
Hector Gomez Diaz
Professor Of Mechanical Engr
Nicole Key
Assoc. Head For Graduate Studies/Profe
Young Kim
Professor Of Biomedical Engineering
Milind Kulkarni
Michael And Katherine Birck Head Of Ece
Julie Liu
Associate Professor Chemical Engineeri
Yung-Hsiang Lu
Professor Of Electrical And Computer Eng
Tamara Moore
Professor Of Engineering Education/Dir
Partha Mukherjee
Professor Of Mechanical Engr/Assistant
Guillermo Paniagua-Perez
Professor Of Mechanical Engr
Jonathan Poggie
Professor Of Aero And Astro
Vilas Pol
Professor Chemical Engineering
Timothee Pourpoint
Professor Of Aero And Astronautics
Minghao Qi
Professor Of Electrical And Computer Eng
Vijay Raghunathan
Vp For Global Partnerships And Programs/
Michael Sangid
Reilly Professor Of Aae
Gesualdo Scutari
T And J Schmidt Rising Star Professor Of I
Juan Wachs
Professor Of Industrial Engineering
Dana Weinstein
Professor Of Ece
Andrew Whelton
Professor Civil Engr/Env And Ecol Engr
Wenzhuo Wu
R And E Talwar Rising Star Assoc Prof Of
Wenbin Yu
Professor Of Aero And Astronautics
Song Zhang
Assist. Head For Experiential Learning