Why Give?

In 1874, when Purdue’s first students arrived on campus, engineering courses were a cornerstone for what would soon become a premier university. Since those formative years, the Purdue College of Engineering has continually expanded its reach, pioneering innovation that has benefited students, the State of Indiana, and the world in immeasurable ways.

Today, Purdue Engineers — faculty, staff, students, and graduates — are achieving the College’s vision to be known for our impact on the world. Through an ambitious strategic growth initiative, the College is contributing to the nation’s increasing capacity for innovation and economic development, expanding the size of our faculty, student body, and staff to spur the ground-breaking discoveries and inventions that deliver improved lives for all.

As we have planned our growth, we have willed ourselves to embrace risk and cast off complacency in order to amplify innovation in all we do. The dynamic culture we have cultivated assumes that innovation is achievable in everything — how we help students learn, how we discover new tools and technologies, and how we engage with our world and engineer solutions to its problems. The Purdue College of Engineering understands that to achieve significant and lasting impact on our world, we must boldly step outside conventional boundaries to broaden and deepen how we think and act. With that commitment, these strategic goals continue to guide our priorities:

Graduates effective in a global context. As a global economy shrinks our world, we are placing students first by giving them comprehensive educational experiences that will empower them to be leaders anywhere. Purdue-educated engineers are being readied for the global technological, economic, and societal challenges of the 21st century.

Research of global significance. We will advance STEM excellence and champion research with great potential to expand the boundaries of science and technology — research that addresses the global challenges and opportunities of the future.

Empowering our people and enriching our culture. Already a tremendous strength within our College, our leadership culture and diverse environment will be advanced by innovation-enabling facilities that equip the people of Purdue Engineering to dream their boldest dreams and collaborate to make them become reality.


Make a gift that delivers lasting impact. Through our strategic growth initiative and Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University, your generosity will extend Purdue Engineering — and the fruits of our education, research, and outreach — to a world ready to reap the benefits.