Funding Priorities


We rely on scholarships and fellowships for qualified students who require financial assistance to pursue their education. Endowed scholarships and fellowships are critical to the College of Engineering as we continue our commitment to recruit and retain the most promising, creative, and diverse students.


World-class faculty are at the heart of our College. Endowed professorships, including those for early- to mid-career “Rising Star” faculty, help us attract and retain premier faculty. A key component of our hiring, members of our Preeminent Teams are among the best and brightest faculty members — and hold the greatest potential for conducting impactful research, as determined by a competitive, entrepreneurial selection process.


Our College maintains a Top 10 ranking because of excellent faculty, students, and pioneering programs that include Engineering Professional Education, EPICS, First-Year Engineering, Global Engineering, Honors, Leadership, Professional Practice, the Indiana Space Grant Consortium, Minority Engineering, and Women in Engineering. In every case, philanthropy has helped sustain them and fueled their achievements and progress.


New and redesigned spaces allow us to recruit and retain top students and faculty. Our new Seng-Liang Wang Hall represents the modern way we will learn and work for decades to come. Transformations of our existing spaces — such as the recent reinvention of Grissom Hall — will create digital, active, and collaborative learning spaces and enable interdisciplinary research that is taking us into emerging areas. We seek your support as we transform core spaces in the Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering buildings, as well as the Potter Engineering Center.


Responding nimbly to technological and societal changes means embracing opportunities and addressing challenges when they arise. Unrestricted funds provide the Dean of Engineering the flexibility to seize unforeseen opportunities, answer urgent needs, and support emerging dreams. We invite you to partner with us in supporting these essential discretionary resources.