Fourth Attempt Appeal Process

NOTE: Students who wish to make an appeal for a fourth attempt at a class MUST work with their advisor. Please do not complete the appeal form without first discussing with your advisor.

Students who wish to repeat a course after three previous attempts must get approval from their School and the Associate Dean of Engineering. This page briefly outlines that process.

Students - please provide sufficient detail to allow for a thorough consideration of your appeal.  Explanations of what challenges you encountered in the previous 3 attempts at the course and what you will do differently if given a 4th attempt are required.  Students should consult with their Academic Advisor if they are unsure of the resources available for student success in a particular course.

  1. Advisors will direct students to complete the first page of this form. Please note that the student must enter their advisor’s email address correctly.
  2. Upon completion, the advisor will receive notification and provide a recommendation to approve or deny, as well as enter the school head or designee.
  3. Upon approval from the school designate, the form will be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Education, where it will receive final approval or denial, and registration requests will be processed. Students and advisor will be notified by email.

Students with questions or concerns should reach out to their advisor. Advisors with concerns should reach out to the Director of Academic Advising.