Teaching Experiences

You can find teaching experiences either within the College of Engineering or at the University level. Opportunities range from seminars and certificates to teaching a course of your own.

Teaching Experiences in College of Engineering

Teaching and Learning in Engineering Graduate Certificate

  • Offered on campus and online by School of Engineering Education
  • Open to both graduate students and postdocs from all engineering disciplines
  • Consists of four courses:
    • ENE 506, Content, Assessment and Pedagogy (3 credit hours)
    • ENE 685, Engineering Education Methods (3 credit hours)
    • ENE 687, Mentored Teaching in Engineering (1 credit hour)
    • ENE 695, Succeeding as an Engineering Professor (3 credit hours)
  • A person must apply to the School of Engineering Education – either for the certificate program or for non-degree status to enroll in any of the courses.
  • Contact Dr. Audeen Fentiman for more information on the Teaching and Learning in Engineering Graduate Certificate.

College of Engineering Dean’s Teaching Fellowship

  • Must be a PhD candidate enrolled in one of the participating engineering schools. Review the Dean’s Teaching Fellowship website for further eligibility details.
  • Recipients participate in a teaching apprenticeship and serve as lead instructor.
  • Recipients receive a scholarship of $2,500 each for Spring and Fall semesters, a half-time TA for Fall semester, and $750 technology allowance.
  • Contact Stephen McBride with general inquiries.

Mechanical Engineering Ward A. Lambert Graduate Teaching Fellowship

  • Must be an ME Ph.D. student
  • Two semester Teaching Fellowship
  • Deadline is around October each year
  • Contact Sheri Tague for more information on the Mechanical Engineering Ward A. Lambert Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

AAE Teaching Scholarship Program

  • Must be an AAE Ph.D. student
  • Two semester Teaching Fellowship
  • Deadline is around November each year
  • Contact Jon Mrozinski for more information on the Aeronautics and Astronautics Teaching Scholarship Program.

Lyles Graduate Teaching Fellowship

  • New in 2019!
  • Must be a CE Ph.D. student
  • One semester Teaching Fellowship

Engineering Academic Career Club

  • The Engineering Academic Career Club’s goal is to establish a community of future academics.
  • This club brings together graduate students and Postdocs who have the drive and passion of continuing onto academic careers (postdocs, teaching faculty, and/or research faculty). This organization runs events that give members the opportunity, tools, and resources to actively shape their success in future academic careers.

Teaching Experiences in Center for Instructional Excellence

College Teaching Development Program

  • Certificate of Foundations in College Teaching — Attend four workshops and write reflections for each one. Helpful for learning an overview of evidence-based teaching practices and strategies.
  • Certificate of Practice in College Teaching — Inquiry-based. Design, implement, and reflect on a small scholarly project in one’s teaching throughout a semester while working with a mentor (this is not limited to traditional courses, so some do it as mentoring in a lab).

Summer Course Design Institute

  • This is a competitive capstone project. The Institute offers a small stipend and has participants participate in a six-day intensive program over the summer designing a course that they will teach on their own. In addition to the competitive application process, the student’s School needs to agree to allow them to design and teach the course.