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Strategic Initiatives: Forging the Way in STEM Leadership

Reflections on the College of Engineering Strategic Plan

Engineering expansion

Purdue's College of Engineering is changing the world through a revolutionary expansion. We are engineering change through the way we prepare our students, lead innovative research, hire faculty and reimagine our workspaces.

This strategic growth, in combination with our ongoing strategic plan, focuses on our extraordinary people and their incredible global impact. It's how Purdue's College of Engineering is stepping up to solve global Grand Challenges in which engineering will play a major role.

Our goals for strategic growth, in combination with the aspirations for our strategic plan, are captured in our Strategy for Impact. Our focus is on our extraordinary people and their incredible global impact.



Faculty hiring and preeminent teams

We need top faculty and researchers to help us change the world. That's why faculty are the centerpiece of our expansion. We are on track to meet the College of Engineering's goal to add as many as 107 faculty over five years. We're looking for faculty who will inspire our students, reshape our research universe, and bring solutions to the globe.

The College of Engineering is also building faculty teams to catapult our research to international preeminence. We're using a research-centric approach to faculty hiring — called preeminent teams — to build up the areas that will define Purdue Engineering research in the next decade.

Transforming space to empower creative minds

World-class education and world-changing research require world-class facilities. That's why the College of Engineering is reinventing our space on campus to inspire and empower our faculty, staff and students, giving them opportunities to expand the boundaries of science and technology and to address the global challenges of the 21st century. These reimagined spaces are designed to drive innovation and collaboration.

Wang Hall

Grissom Hall

The reconfiguration in Grissom Hall exemplifies our goal for space reinvention. While respecting the building’s traditional exterior, architects have updated the interior with spaces similar to those in the new Seng-Liang Wang Hall, which provides an innovative and entrepreneurial environment for collaborative research. These 21st-century spaces integrate technology, emphasize flexibil­ity, and improve energy and space efficiency.


Our transformational space strategy also includes new buildings and expansions as we invest in classrooms and labs where our students learn and our faculty conduct groundbreaking research. A grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., the largest cash donation in Purdue's history, supports three transformational projects for the College of Engineering:

Zucrow Labs

An expansion of the Maurice J. Zucrow Labs, the nation's largest university propulsion laboratory. The expansion will significantly increase research collaborations with the world's leading gas turbine firms as well as expand entrepreneurial opportunities.

Flex Lab

A Flex Lab for faculty teams: The lab will enable our world-class faculty and researchers to collaborate on research that moves innovation from the lab to commercialization. The Flex Lab is an integral part of Engineering's strategic plan to boost industry- and government-funded research collaborations and intellectual property development.

Bechtel Innovation Design Center

A project envisioned by and for students: The center provides collaborative areas and design studios for students to develop and test their projects. A joint project of the College of Engineering and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, it’s a key example of Purdue’s ability to help students innovate — through an innovation ecosystem and a culture of creativity.


Investing in our dreams

You can leave a lasting legacy by helping the College of Engineering change the world through our research and innovations. Our $150 million development goal for transformational growth includes three key areas — enhanced facilities, new student support endowments, and new professorship endowments. We rely on our alums, friends, and corporate partners to champion our initiatives.