College recognizes Spring 2021 teachers with top evaluation scores

The College of Engineering recognizes the following faculty, lecturers and other staff for their outstanding dedication to teaching Boilermaker Engineers.
Graphic of Spring 2021 Outstanding Engineering Teachers
Fall 2020 introduced new teacher evaluation survey questions, including 10 quantitative questions regarding instruction, on a 5-point scale. EPICS and VIP students were surveyed on instructional aspects relevant to experiential courses. Individual teacher averages are calculated across these quantitative measures.
These faculty, lecturers and other staff who taught Engineering classes had rounded up averages of 4.6 or more in undergraduate or graduate classes with enrollments of 10 and above and 50% or higher response rates based on student evaluations from courses taught in Engineering in spring 2021.

Congratulations to:

Asem Aboelzahab, BME
Nusaybah Abu-Mulaweh, EPICS
Robin Adams, ENE
Kingsly Ambrose, ABE
Arezoo Ardekani, ME
Sally Bane, AAE
Gregory Blaisdell, AAE
Brandon Boor, CE
Satish Boregowda, ME
Mark Bowman, CE
Andrew Brightman, BME
Stephane Byrn, IPPH
Maria Caterina Santagata, CE
Stanley Chan, ECE/STAT
Zhongyuan Chen, STAT
Ivan, Christov, ME
Kari Clase, ABE
David Corti CHE
Daniel Delaurentis, AAE
Shawn Ehlers, ABE
Julie Engel, ABE
Victor Gervais, CEM
Nadia Gkritza, CE/ABE
Hector Gomez Diaz, ME
Stanley Harlow, ABE
Zachary Hass, IE/NURS
Beth Hess, ME
David Iseley, CEM
Zubin Jacob, ECE
Charles Jensen, ME
Mark Johnson, ECE
David Johnson, IE/POLSC
James Jones, ME
Julia King, ME
James Krogmeier, ECE
Eric Kvam, MSE
Andrew Liu, IE
Na Lu, CE
Joyce Main, ENE
Arun Mannodi Kanakkithodi, MSE
Jorge Martinez, EPICS
Carlos Martinez, MSE
Michael Melloch, ECE
Venkatesh Merwade, CE
Saeed Mohammadi, ECE
Tamara Moore, ENE
Paul Mort, MSE
Nathan Mosier, ABE
Morgan Murphy, ME

Jan Olek, CE
Twila Ortiz, COE
Jitesh Panchal, ME
Alice Pawley, ENE
Lindsey Payne Haugen, EEE
Steven Pekarek, ECE
Elsje Pienaar, BME
Andrew Pierce, EPICS
Jonathan Poggie, AAE
Vilas Pol, CHE
Timothee Pourpoint, AAE
Senay Purzer, ENE
Rahim Rahimi, MSE
Karthik Ramani, ME
Tahira Reid Smith, ME
Robin Ridgway, EEE
Joseph Rispoli, BME
Xiulin Ruan, ME
Dwadasi Sarma, PRF
Alexey Shashurin, AAE
Jeffrey Siirola, CHE
Joseph Sinfield, CE
Carson Slabaugh, AAE
Ruth Streveler, ENE
Jennifer Strickland, OPP
Timothy Strueh, EPICS
Ganesh Subbarayan-Shastri, ME
Shreyas Sundaram, ECE
John Sutherland, EEE
Jeffrey Switzer, CHE
Tyler Tallman, AAE
Daniel Taylor, ABE
Mithuna Thottethodi, ECE
John Tompkins, CE
Roger Tormoehlen, ABE
Santiago Torres Arias, ECE
Joseph Tort, OPP
Andrea Vacca, ABE/ME
Amit Varma, CE
Oleg Wasynczuk, ECE
Kevin Webb, ECE
Theodore Weidner, CEM
Andrew Whelton, CE/EEE
Christopher Williams, CE
Song Zhang, ME
Zhi Zhou, CE/EEE
Babick Ziaie, ECE
Davide Ziviani, ME