College recognizes teachers with top evaluation scores

The College of Engineering would like to congratulate the following faculty, lecturers and other staff for their outstanding dedication to teaching Boilermaker Engineers!

Fall 2020 introduced new teacher evaluation survey questions, including 10 quantitative questions regarding instruction, on a 5-point scale. EPICS and VIP students were surveyed on instructional aspects relevant to experiential courses. Individual teacher averages are calculated across these quantitative measures.
These faculty, lecturers and other staff who taught Engineering classes had rounded up averages of 4.6 or more in undergraduate or graduate classes with enrollments of 10 and above and 50% or higher response rates based on student evaluations from courses taught in Engineering in fall 2020.

Congratulations to:

Jeannete Aguilar, ENE
Charles Babbs, BME
Robert Bean, NE
Gregory Blaisdell, AAE
Mireille Boutin, ECE
Robert Bowen, CEM
Mark Bowman, CE
James Braun, ME/CE
Michael Brzezinski, EPICS
Adrian Buganza Tepole, ME
Stephen Byrn, ABE
Natalie Carroll, ABE
Ivan Christov, ME
Kari Clase, ABE
David Corti, CHE
William Crossley, AAE
Supriyo Datta, ECE
Chelsea Davis, MSE
Letian Dou, CHE
Shawn Ehlers, ABE
Aly El Gamal, ECE
Nate Engelberth, ABE
Kendra Erk, MSE
Jane Frankenberger, ABE
Brandon Fulk, CEM
Allison Godwin, ENE
Craig Goergen, BME
Rajamani Gounder, CHE
Cesare Guariniello, AAE
Ayman Habib, CE
Beth Hess, ME
Travis Horton, CE
Kathleen Howell, AAE
Y Charlie Hu, ECE
Martin Hynes, ABE
Robert Jacko, CE
Charles Jensen, ME
Garrett Jeong, CE
David Johnson, IE
Mark Johnson, ECE
James Jones, ME
Avinash Kak, ECE
Bob Kenley, IE
Julia King, ME
Milind Kulkarni, ECE
Seokcheon Lee, IE
Jacqueline Linnes, BME
Andrew Liu, IE
Min Liu, ME
David Love, ECE
Robert Lucht, ME/AAE
Bret Madsen, EPICS
Justin Mansell, AAE
Karen Marais, AAE
Peter Meckl, ME
Michael Melloch, ECE
Ray Mentzer, CHE
Terrence Meyer, ME
Jeffrey Miller, CHE
Jason Morphew, ENE
Nathan Mosier, ABE
Morgan Murphy, ME
Sameer Naik, ME
Todd Nelson, ME
Loring Nies, CE/EEE
William Oakes, ENE
Matthew Ohland, ENE
Jan Olek, CE
Alice Pawley, ENE
Lindsey Payne Haugen, EEE
Andrew Pierce, EPICS
Davin Piercey, MSE/ME
Brandon Pitts, IE
Jonathan Poggie, AAE
Timothee Pourpoint, AAE
Senay Purzer, ENE
Ming Qu, CE
Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, ME
Michael Sangid, AAE
Dwadasi Sarma, ME
Brett Savoie, CHE
Kevin Solomon, ABE
Luis Solorio, BME
Timothy Strueh, EPICS
Ganesh Subbarayan-Shastri, ME
Shreyas Sundaram, ECE
John Sutherland, EEE
Jonathan Sweet, ENGR
Tyler Tallman, AAE
Bernard Tao, ABE
Michael Titus, MSE
Roger Tormoehlen, ABE
Rodney Trice, MSE
Cary Troy, CE
Waterloo Tsutsui, AAE
Mario Ventresca, IE
Nien-Hwa Wang, CHE
Oleg Wasynczuk, ECE
Justin Weibel, ME
Theodore Weidner, CEM
Andrew Whelton, CE/EEE
Christopher Williams, CE
Yuehwern Yih, IE
Pablo Zavattieri, CE
Xinghang Zhang, MSE
Nikki Zimmerman, ABE
Michael Zoltowski, ECE