2019-20 Engineering Graduate Program Awards

Every April, the College of Engineering recognizes its graduate students who excel in teaching, service, and research. In addition, one postdoctoral researcher and outstanding mentors of graduate students are honored.

This year is no exception, although the traditional celebratory luncheon was canceled due to COVID-19. Since the College was unable to honor the awardees in person, we wanted to bring this personal message of congratulations from Associate Dean of Graduate Education Dr. Dana Weinstein:


The Purdue University College of Engineering Magoon Awards are given to outstanding teaching assistants and instructors in memory of Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon, who have influenced the lives of many engineering educators through this award. The award is made possible through the generous Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon endowment, and the recipients each receive $2,000 and a certificate. For 2020, the 44 awardees are:

AAE - Divya Bhargava, Wanxin Jin, Apoorv Maheshwari, Neelakshi Majumdar, and Saurabh Simha

ABE - Ikenna Okekeogbu and Troy Tonner

BME - Michael MacLean, Elizabeth Niedert, and Diorio Tyler

CE - Johnny Condori, Jessica Eisma, Raikhan Tokpatayeva, and Osvaldo Vitali

ChE - Brandon Bolton and Tony Mathew

ECE - Md Faizul Bari, Stanley Richard Doerger, Tulasi R. Haritsa, Guan Zhe Hong, Mingxuan He, Somosmita Mitra, Amritha Prasad, and Steve Rausch

EEE - Tolulope Odimayomi

ENE - Dominik Hauger and Amanda Johnston

EPICS - Subramanian Chidambaram

IE - Cansu  Agrali, Hamed Asadi, Rhoann Kerh, Ashwin Padmanabhan, and Marina Sala de Medeiros

ME - Dan Feng, David Neal Halbrooks, Ruixin Li, Tamzidul Mina, Joshua Daniel Pribe, Murtuza Nuruddin Shergadwala, and Akhil Vijay

MSE - Thomas Mann and Sae Matsunaga

Purdue Online - Lixby Diaz

NE - Pola Lydia Lagari

The Purdue University College of Engineering Outstanding Service Scholarship Award recognizes the engineering graduate students who provide outstanding service to the graduate student community, the School, the College, and/or the University. Each School nominates one student, and he or she each receives $2,000 and a certificate. This year's recipients are:

AAE - Geoffrey Andrews

ABE - Danielle Winter

BME - Sarah Libring

CE - Amy Getchell

ChE - Aidan Coffey

ECE - Somosmita Mitra

EEE - Renee Obringer

ENE - Hossein Ebrahiminejad

IE - Benjamin Rachunok

ME - Terrell Glenn

MSE - Xin Li Phuah

The Outstanding Research Award goes to students who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in research through publications, participation in professional organizations, and willingness to mentor others. The 2020 recipients of this award, worth $2,000 and a certificate, are:

AAE - Xuan Wang

ABE - Ethan Hillman

BME - Aya Saleh

CE - Yining Feng

ChE - Jason Bates

ECE - Shaimaa Azzam and Hsuan-Hao Lu

EEE - Debora Maia-Silva

ENE - Hoda Ehsan

IE - Jackie Cha

ME - Veeraraghava Hasti and Yutong Xue

MSE - Xuejing Wang

NE - Amanda Loveless

For the first time, the College of Engineering has established an Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher Award to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of postdoctoral researchers currently employed in Purdue’s College of Engineering who are pursuing careers in academia or entrepreneurship and innovation. The inaugural recipient of the $2,000 award is Dr. Caitlin Proctor, a second-year Lillian Gilbreth Post-Doctoral Fellowship holder. Nominated by Ecological and Environmental Engineering, Proctor has been working collaboratively with the Lyles School of Civil Engineering, the School of Materials Science Engineering, and the School of Biomedical Engineering since she arrived at Purdue in 2018.

Finally, the graduate students in each School select an Outstanding Faculty Mentor to recognize his or her exceptional mentoring of engineering graduate students. These professors receive an engraved plaque with a personal tribute composed by the students. The graduate students chose the following faculty members to receive the 2020 award:

AAE - David Spencer

ABE - William Field 

BME - Vitaliy L. Rayz

ChE - Gintaras V. Reklaitis

CE - Luna Lu

ECE - Christopher G. Brinton

EEE - Chad T. Jafvert

ENE - Allison Godwin

IE - Brandon Pitts

MSE - Jeffrey Youngblood

ME - Amy Marconnet

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduate education award recipients! We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to all of your future contributions.