ME's Yao selected for Nagamori Award

Bin Yao, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, was selected as one of the recipients to receive the 4th Nagamori Award through the Nagamori Foundation in Japan.
Bin Yao

The Nagamori Foundation created these awards to bring vitality to technological research of motors, and related fields, such as generators and actuators, and also to support the researchers and development engineers who have made outstanding achievements in these fields. The fundamental contributions of Bin's main research cited for the award is: "Theory and Applications of Adaptive Robust Controls to Integrated Design of Intelligent and High-Performance Mechatronic Systems".

“A theoretically solid nonlinear adaptive robust control (ARC) approach has been developed to synthesize performance oriented controllers with built-in intelligences under practical constraints. Applications of the proposed ARC approach to the integrated design of intelligent and high-performance mechatronic systems have also been carried out. Experimental results of several specific applications have demonstrated the high performance and versatility nature of the proposed ARC approach, including linear motor driven high-speed/high-acceleration electro-mechanical devices, piezo-actuator driven devices for nano-positioning, electro-hydraulic motors and actuators for heavy industry, mobile robots, a hummingbird-size flapping-wing micro aerial vehicle (MAV), cable-pulley/cable-conduit driven medical robotic devices, light-weight robotic devices exhibiting significant flexible mode effects, energy-saving control of electro-hydraulic systems and load-carrying and walking hydraulic exoskeletons, and coordinated/synchronized control of multi-axes systems with redundant drives.”

Source: Bin Yao receives Nagamori Award