Office Hours: A Conversation with ENE's Kerrie Douglas

Kerrie Douglas, a professor in engineering education, chatted with ChE undergraduate Kathryn Bingenheimer in the College of Engineering's video series, "Office Hours."

Kerrie Douglas and Kathryn Bingenheimer were in deep discussion.

What makes Wisconsin's cheese curds so good? They’re “squeaky,” they agreed. (Bingenheimer, a Milwaukee area native, swears the curds are even excellent at fast food chain Culver's in the state.)

And that was before cameras started rolling for the latest installment of "Office Hours," the Purdue Engineering video series that gives students a glimpse into the lives of professors.

Engineering education professor Douglas chatted with chemical engineering undergrad Bingenheimer about more serious topics during filming: how Douglas viewed her college professors ("almost not like real people"), how her journey to becoming #Purdue faculty included multiple rejections ... and which album is Taylor Swift's best.

The videos publish once per month during the academic year and feature professors from across the College. The full playlist can be viewed on the College of Engineering's YouTube channel