Office Hours: A Conversation with IE/AAE's Barrett Caldwell

Barrett Caldwell, a professor in industrial engineering and aeronautical and astronautical engineering, chatted with ME undergraduate Pranav Parigi in the College of Engineering's video series, "Office Hours."

One of the first things ME student Pranav Parigi noticed in IE/AAE professor Barrett Caldwell's office was the bear figurines everywhere.

During filming for the next installment of "Office Hours," the #PurdueEngineering video series that gives students a glimpse into the lives of professors, Parigi asked about the choice of decor.
"My name Barrett means bear. It is an old German reference to bearlike, and it was a name my mother really enjoyed and really liked," Caldwell said. "I’ve been described as having a bearlike personality. Everything from being very protective of my kids, my students, those who are close to me, and also because I like to hibernate in the winter."
The last comment showcased Caldwell's subtle humor, which was on full display during a wide-ranging conversation that included Caldwell’s thoughts on growing up in Philadelphia (including the impact of being a Philly sports fan), the hardest class as a #college #student, his journey to Purdue, the importance of diversity in #engineering and much more.
The videos publish once per month during the academic year and feature professors from across the College. The full playlist can be viewed on the College of Engineering's YouTube channel