Office Hours: A Conversation with ABE's Chaterji

Somali Chaterji, a professor of agricultural and biological engineering, chats with ChE undergraduate Mamie Johnson in the College of Engineering's video series, "Office Hours."

"I feel like I have to use every minute of my life,” Somali Chaterji said. “I can’t just enjoy doing nothing.”

The on-the-go assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering who says work-life is a “fuzzy” boundary keeps busy with research and teaching, of course, but she’s also a runner, writes poetry, sings, is on Duolingo, listens to podcasts and …

Mamie Johnson, a senior chemical engineering student, heard it all during a recent conversation for "Office Hours," the College's video series. More from Chaterji, from what drives her to create, what it was like growing up in a Bengali household and the podcast she can’t wait to listen to, on the latest episode. 

"Office Hours" offers a look into the lives of Purdue Engineering faculty, focusing on how they spend time away from the University's West Lafayette campus, what motivates them in life and much more.  

The videos publish once per month and feature professors from across the College. The full playlist can be viewed on the College of Engineering's YouTube channel