Office Hours: A Conversation with ECE's Kulkarni

Milind Kulkarni, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, chats with ECE undergraduate Sam Dlott in the College of Engineering's video series, "Office Hours."

While leading a class for the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, it's not uncommon for Professor Milind Kulkarni to start talking about his kids or plans he has for the weekend or a movie he's eager to see. (In the theater, of course, because he's "old school" like that.)

No surprise, then, Kulkarni says the one things students should know about him is that he loves talking to them -- and they should never be intimidated to strike up a conversation.

That's what Sam Dlott, an undergrad in electrical and computer engineering, did recently in "Office Hours," the College's video series that focuses on getting to know Purdue Engineering professors. Dlott got the dish on Kulkarni's favorite hobbies, music and much more in the conversation.

The series publish once per month and feature professors from across the College. The full playlist can be viewed on the College of Engineering's YouTube channel