Marcus Weldon — Panel

Event Date: April 22, 2021
Speaker: Marcus Weldon | Former President, Bell Labs, Corporate Chief Technology Officer, Nokia
Time: 4:15-5:15 PM EDT
Location: TBA
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The Future of AI and Quantum Computing: Will They Synergize?

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Computing has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent past with novel data processing methods gaining an immense traction to meet the demands of emerging applications. In that context, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing (QC) have been at the forefront and are arguably amongst the most important enablers of future electronic systems. Interestingly, the promise of AI not only lies in the realization of cognitive systems, but also to enable efficient exploration of quantum materials/technologies, which, in turn, could be useful for QC. Similarly, the concepts of QC can potentially by applied to broaden the horizons of AI. This panel will have a discourse on the key challenges and opportunities for AI and QC for next generation computing and explore the synergies between them. The following questions (and more) will be discussed by four distinguished panelists.

  1. What are the top two challenges in AI and/or quantum computing that the next decade of research should aim to address?
  2. How can AI enhance quantum computing and the exploration of quantum technologies and systems?
  3. How can quantum computing help in increasing the breadth of problems that AI can solve?
  4. Neuro-symbolic AI is seen as the next wave of machine learning. Can quantum computing help in enabling neuro-symbolic AI in future systems?

Hosted by Electrical and Computer Engineering


Anand Raghunathan, Silicon Valley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Director, Center for Brain-Inspired Computing (C-BRIC), Co-director, Center for a Secured Microelectronics Ecosystem


  • Marcus Weldon, Former President, Bell Labs, Corporate Chief Technology Officer, Nokia
  • Kaushik Roy, Edward G. Tiedemann Jr. Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director, Center for Brain-Inspired Computing (C-BRIC)
  • Alexandra Boltasseva, Ron And Dotty Garvin Tonjes Professor Of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Courtesy Appointment in Materials Engineering, Workforce Development Lead, Quantum Science Center
  • Jennifer Neville, Professor and Miller Family Chair Departments of Computer Science and Statistics


Sumeet Gupta, Associate Professor of ECE (

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