From the Dean: May 2021

Dear Purdue Engineering Community,

Tomorrow morning, at the in-person Spring 2021 Commencement, we expect to graduate 1,553 BS, 411 MS, and 119 PhD Boilermaker Engineers. More will graduate in summer and winter too. This is Purdue Engineering's largest spring commencement. We also congratulate all of them for navigating through a challenging time since March 2020 toward their graduation. Boiler up! 

Some of the innovative work by our students and faculty over the past academic year has been widely reported in the media. The following list was provided by the University communications office, and you might have seen others too: 
Cruise ship AC systems could promote rapid coronavirus spread, prof says
Water quality could change in buildings closed down during COVID-19 pandemic, engineers say
The whitest paint is here – and it’s the coolest. Literally.
This beetle can survive getting run over by a car. Engineers are figuring out how.
Astronauts need a fridge. Engineers are building one that works in zero gravity – and upside down.

Purdue Engineers have also continued to create intellectual property and entrepreneurial enterprises. The record numbers of patent applications filed (413) and patents issued (135) last fiscal year are likely to be reset again this year. And among the recently issued patents are technologies such as: 
Ligand-assisted chromatography for metal ion separation
System and method for signal interference rejection using human body communication
and many more with positive impact on society. 

For students and faculty who are interested in entrepreneurial pursuits, here are two of the recently launched opportunities: 
John Martinson Entrepreneurial Center Student Accelerator expanded to all semesters:
Faculty Entrepreneurial Learning Academy:

As summer starts, with opportunities from industry internships and SURF undergraduate research to online learning and research paper submission, we hope you will have a healthy and productive season. 


Mung Chiang
John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering
Roscoe H. George Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue University