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Our Staff:
Tania Bell
Beverly Clendenen
Tammy (Zick) Haddock
Krista Hardebeck
Shelby Haugen
Sharon Nemeth
Rendi Tharp
Zachary Wise

Business Manager:
Zachary DeHenes


A.A. Potter Engineering Center (POTR)
500 Central Drive - Room 127
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


8:00am to 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

Closed weekends and University Holidays


Packing Slips

Scan and email packing slips for all orders to

Pay an Invoice

Provide completed purchase request, invoice, and all back-up documentation to local business office or scan and email to

Place an Order

Complete the Online Purchase Request survey.

Alternatively, you may complete the Purchase Request Form and email to Be sure to include the benefit to the project and an approval signature.


Provide itemized receipts, completed substitute W-9 and payee certification for a person or completed W-9 if for a company, and all other back-up documentation to local business office.

Travel Expense Reports

Email with expense report questions.


Purchasing Cards

Purchasing Cards can be used when items or services are not available from University-Preferred Vendors in Ariba. 

Check-Out Cards

Your department has purchasing cards available for check out. The Procurement Services staff do not handle these requests - Please contact your department's business office for additional information.

You will need to complete the Purchase Request Form, including the benefit to the project and an approval signature, prior to using a check out card. When you return the checkout card, you must also turn in itemized receipts for all purchases using the card.

Purchasing Card Application

Please print, fill, and sign both pages of the Purchasing Card Application

You will need to have your Business Manager sign off on the application. Then, email to with PCARD Application in the subject.

Purchasing Card Limit Increase

Please complete the Online PCard Limit Increase survey. Your response will be forwarded to our Procurement Specialists for review. 

You will receive confirmation of the increase within 2 business days, if approved. Our team will be in touch if we have any questions concerning your request. 


Travel Cards

Travel Cards can be obtained by Grad Students, Faculty, or Staff based on the frequency of travel. Additional guidance can be located on the Central Procurement website.

Travel Card Application

Fill, print, and sign both pages of the Travel Card Application

You will need approval and signatures from both your Business Manager and Department Head/Director. Then, email to

Travel Card Limit Increase

Coming Soon!



Engineering Procurement Best Practices

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Purchasing Card Manual

Travel Regulations

Travel Resources

Purdue University Visa Travel Card Manual

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