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Purdue University Visa Travel Card Manual

Consultant & Personal Payments


To Pay an Invoice

Provide completed purchase request, invoice, and all back-up documentation to local business office or scan and email to


Provide itemized receipts, completed substitute W-9 and payee certification for a person or completed W-9 if for a company, and all other back-up documentation to local business office.

To Make a Purchase

Complete information in the To Make A Purchase form or email completed purchase request including benefit to project / Purdue and approval signatures to

Packing Slips

Scan and email packing slips for all orders to

Travel Expense Reports

Visit our travel lab for help.
Email with expense report questions and for a list of our travel lab dates / times.


Procurement Card Purchases

Purchasing cards are located in your local business office.  Please take your completed purchase request to the business office to check out a purchasing card.  After the purchase is complete, send receipts and supporting documents to your local business office.