Dr. Yongbin Wei

Senior Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Research, Qualcomm Inc.

Dr. Yongbin Wei
"Solid theoretical foundation, critical thinking, analytical skills, and always to think out of the box are some of the most essential ingredients for anyone to enjoy an engineering career. Five years at Purdue ECE is the booster rocket for my professional career that prepared me with these skills and propelled me from someone who knew very little about telecommunication to who I am today. Looking back, I enjoyed every single minute of all the intellectual stimulation and exchanges, and I could not have asked for better role models than my advisors Professor Krogmeier and Professor Gelfand. Thank you!"
Dr. Yongbin Wei is currently a Senior Director of Engineering with Qualcomm Research of Qualcomm Incorporat technology development for Qualcomm’s current and future generation products, in particular the cutting-edge 4G and 5G cellular technology such as LTE and LTE-advanced.

Previously he worked on the system design and international standardization of the cdma2000 family of 3G mobile technologies, product development, and was one of the leading contributors for the physical layer design and evaluation of these systems. He also represented Qualcomm in the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) from 2000-2006.

Dr. Wei’s research areas include wireless communications systems, adaptive signal processing, modem algorithms, coding and modulation, machine- to-machine communication, and spectrum and RF engineering. He has authored more than 20 journal and conference papers, and holds more than 150 U.S. issued patents.

Dr. Wei received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Purdue University in 1999 and a master’s and BE of electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1993 and 1990, respectively.