Dr. Reda R. Razouk

Vice President, World Wide Process Technology Development
National Semiconductor

Reda Razouk
..students need to master the hard skills of basic technical information in their field and the soft skills of worldwide communication.

Upon graduation, Reda R. Razouk launched his career with Fairchild Semiconductor as a member of the research staff dealing with the characterization of thin dielectric films. In 1982, he transferred to the Advanced Development Group as a project leader for the development of a process for fabricating a 256K Dynamic Random Access Memory. In 1985, he became manager for MOS VLSI research and later BiCMOS technology development for high speed, high density logic and memory circuits.
In 1987, Razouk joined Philips Research Laboratory in Sunnyvale as manager of device research. At Philips, he was responsible for the development of sub-micron technologies for high density EPROM, flash EEPROM memories, and BiCMOS processes.

Razouk joined National Semiconductor in 1991 to establish an Analog Process Technology Development Organization and built state-of-the-art laboratories for device modeling, device characterization, automated testing, and data analysis. Later he was involved in making decisions for strategic alliances and partnerships in key technological and business areas. Today, as vice president of World Wide Process Technology Development, Razouk is responsible for the development and deployment into manufacturing of all new process technology capability at National.

Razouk holds or co-holds eight U.S. patents, has authored and co-authored more than 30 technical papers, and has received several Technical Achievement Awards from Fairchild, Philips, and National Semiconductor. He has served as president of the Bay Area chapter of the Electrochemical Society and as a technical committee member of various conferences of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.