Dr. Aelred "Al" Kurtenbach

Chairman and CEO
Daktronics, Inc.

Al Kurtenbach
A definition of engineering is the application of science to society.... Engineers need to be good communicators in order to inquire about and define social needs and to present the solutions they generate to satisfy those needs.

Aelred "Al" Kurtenbach is co-founder and president of Daktronics, Inc., a company which began as a manufacturer of electronic voting systems for state legislatures. Now one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic scoreboards, large screen video boards, and computer-programmable displays, the company went public in 1994 and is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System. The company has strong leadership positions in electronic scoreboards, outdoor programmable display systems available in LED, incandescent and reflective technologies, and large screen video display and control. Daktronics displays abound in sports arenas, banks, shopping centers, and airport and bus terminals. Likewise numerous state and national legislatures use the company’s electronic voting and display systems.

Kurtenbach is a former South Dakota State University professor and his continuing involvement in state education and economic issues recently resulted in his being called upon to serve as Interim Dean of the Engineering School at South Dakota State University. A past member of the South Dakota Board of Regents and a member of the South Dakota State University Foundation Board, Kurtenbach received the Distinguished Service to South Dakota Non-Alumni Award in 1986. He was twice named South Dakota’s Small Businessman of the Year. Kurtenbach was the 1994 winner of the South Dakota Entrepreneurial Success of the Year and South Dakota Sales and Marketing Executive of the Year awards. He received the 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the manufacturing category.