Dr. Carl J. Johnson

Chairman and CEO
II-VI Corporation

Carl J. Johnson
For those of us interested in industry, nothing beats studying in an engineering discipline. You can build on an engineering degree in so many ways and most likely find one that enables you to pursue and achieve your unique goals and aspirations.

Carl J. Johnson is the chairman and CEO of II-VI Incorporated, a company he founded in 1971. The company has grown from a start-up which produced cadmium telluride into a world-leader in the manufacture of laser optics, materials and components; military infrared optics and components; and cadmium zinc telluride x-ray/gamma ray detectors. The company, which is traded on NASDAQ, operates six manufacturing plants in the United States, one in Singapore, one in China, and one in Mexico.

During the 1980’s, Johnson led the creation of II-VI’s zinc selenide manufacturing capability and from 1991 to 1997 managed the company’s x-ray/gamma ray detector startup activity. He currently serves as the leader of a new division developing and commercializing silicon carbide single crystal substrates for electronic and photonic applications.

Johnson began his career working on the development of submarine cable and satellite communication systems at Bell Telephone Laboratories. From 1966 to 1971, he was responsible for a number of research projects sponsored by Essex International at Mellon Institute, now part of Carnegie-Mellon University.

Johnson obtained his bachelor’s degree from Purdue, his master’s from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. His community activities include eight years of service on the Laser and Electronics Technical Activity Committee at the United States Department of Commerce, advising on export regulations, and seven years of service to the Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Technology Organization, a state-sponsored technology development initiative.