Dr. Dennis Lee Carter

Vice President, General Manager, Corporate Marketing
Intel Corporation

Dennis Lee Carter
Engineering education teaches a disciplned, logical way of thinking and forever changes the way you look at the world.

As vice president and general manager of corporate marketing for Intel Corporation, Dennis Lee Carter is responsible for marketing communications, advertising, public relations, corporate and end-user marketing, and was the architect of the innovative and exceptional Intel Inside program.

Carter joined Intel in 1981 and held positions of product marketing engineer and software marketing manager. From 1985 to 1989 he served as technical assistant to the president of Intel, Andrew Grove. At that point in time he was promoted to marketing manager for the End-User Marketing Group and in 1990 became general manager of the End-User Components Division. He became director of marketing in 1991 and was elected a vice president of Intel in 1992. In April 1995 he returned to the Purdue campus as part of the Intel Corporation Distinguished Lectures in Technology program and spoke to a campus-wide audience on his vision of the required steps to successfully move a product from concept to a final product in the hands of the consumer.

Prior to joining Intel, Carter was an engineering manager at Rockwell International and was responsible for product design of collision avoidance avionics systems and radar altimeters.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, he earned Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering and physics from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. He served as an instructor of electrical engineering technology at Purdue while completing a master's degree in electrical engineering in 1974 and received his MBA from Harvard University in 1981. He holds several patents including ones for RF antenna design for avionics systems.