College of Engineering PhotoShelter Keyword Framework

When searching for an image or video on PhotoShelter, use the following keyword framework to guide your search. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know!

Last updated on September 3, 2022.


  • COE (College of Engineering)
  • School
    • AAE (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
    • ABE (Agricultural and Biological Engineering)
    • BME (Biomedical Engineering)
    • ChE (Chemical Engineering)
    • CE (Civil Engineering)
    • CEM (Construction Engineering and Management)
    • ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • ENE (Engineering Education)
    • EEE (Environmental and Ecological Engineering)
    • IE (Industrial Engineering)
    • MSE (Materials Engineering)
    • ME (Mechanical Engineering)
    • NE (Nuclear Engineering)
  • Program
    • Honors Program
    • FYE (First-Year Engineering)
    • OFE (Office of Future Engineers)
    • EPICS
    • GEPP (Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships)
    • MEP (Minority Engineering Program)
    • Professional Practice
    • WiE (Women in Engineering Program)
    • VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects)
    • SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
  • Initiative
    • Engineering-Medicine
    • ACS (Autonomous and Connected Systems)
    • Innovation and Making
    • Cislunar
    • Podcast
  • Research/Center/Lab
    • Semiconductors
    • RESEC (Ray Ewry Sports Engineering Center)
    • Hypersonics
    • Zucrow
    • CMSC (Composite Manufacturing and Simulation Center)
    • Other
  • Other
  • BGR (Boiler Gold Rush)
  • Commencement
  • Grand Prix
  • Homecoming
  • Industrial Roundtable
  • Other
  • 00 (Undergraduate)
  • 01 (Graduate)
  • 02 (Faculty)
  • 03 (Researcher)
  • 04 (Staff)
  • 05 (Alumni)
  • 06 (Parent/Family)
  • 07 (Donor)
  • 08 (Industry/Partner)
  • 09 (Guest/Speaker)
  • 10 (Diversity)
  • 11 (Facility/Building)
  • 12 (Landmark)
  • 13 (Other)
  • Teaching
  • Studying
  • Touring
  • Visiting
  • Engaging
  • Recognition
  • Other
  • Award
  • Other


(The name of the subject or entity in the image.)

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Night
  • Name of building abbreviation
  • Other
  • Neil Armstrong Statue
  • Engineering Fountain
  • Gateway
  • Other
  • Campus
  • Classroom/Lecture hall
  • Lab
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Portrait
  • Other
  • Mask

PhotoShelter Upload Workflow

The following describes the basic procedure for processing images from shoot to ingestion into the Purdue Engineering PhotoShelter at Interested in becoming a contributor? Let us know!

  1. Copy images off the camera/card. If you have a backup, offline storage for your original images or RAW images, drop a copy of the images there immediately.
  2. Determine the academic area/organization, classification and proper name(s) of the image subjects for the group(s) of images to be uploaded. These details will be used during upload in step #6.
    1. OR draft an email providing the requisite details above about the images to be uploaded and email them to
    2. OR rename the original image files with Adobe Bridge, Finder or other application according to the following standards for naming: AREA-classification-properName.format.

      EXAMPLES: AAE-02-alinaAlexeenko.jpg and COE-11-gatewayComplex.jpg.

      Multiple versions of the same image filename should be denoted with a dash and a number starting from 0.

      EXAMPLES: AAE-02-alinaAlexeenko-0.jpg and COE-11-gatewayComplex-1.jpg.
  3. Copy the pertinent images to a folder on your local machine for post-processing OR skip to step #5. Select only the BEST images for uploading. If multiple versions of a similar image are present, please select the single best version of the image at the best quality to be uploaded.
  4. Working off the COPY, do your post-production, if any (color correction, cropping, Photoshop work, etc.).
  5. Save the images at the highest resolution possible in .jpg format at 300 PPI.
  6. Upload images to the Purdue Engineering PhotoShelter at using the following instructions: Be sure to include the academic area/organization, classification and proper name details in the “Title your upload” field.

    EXAMPLES: “AAE, faculty, Alina Alexeenko” and “CoE, facility, Gateway Complex.”
  7. Verify upload to the Purdue Engineering PhotoShelter.