Dr. Sherry Voytik Harbin

Areas of Research

Polymerizable collagen, engineered collagen polymeric materials, advanced collagen material and tissue fabrication technologies, tissue regeneration, therapeutic cell/drug delivery applications, mechanobiology, and computational modeling.


Advanced tissue & organ microphysiologic systems (e.g., tissue-on-chip), functional skeletal muscle regeneration for large-volume muscle loss, regenerative laryngeal reconstruction, neuromuscular restoration for vocal fold dysfunction, and computational mechanobiology for tissue regeneration and reconstructive surgery optimization

The laboratory of Dr. Sherry Voytik Harbin is a translationally-focused, multi-disciplinary lab that combines engineering and mechanobiology principles, advanced multi-scale analytical techniques, and small and large preclinical models, aiming to develop and translate next-generation implantable collagen-based materials to address today’s unmet tissue regeneration and restoration needs. The Harbin laboratory has been pioneering tissue engineering and regenerative medicine technologies for over 25 years, with contributions to decellularized tissue technology and more recently polymerizable collagens that support the engineering design and fabrication of a wide variety of collagen polymeric materials. These novel polymeric materials exhibit a differentiating mechanism of action where they persist and support site-appropriate noninflammatory regenerative modeling, providing ample opportunity for translation and application to many medical concerns. To complement this work, the lab utilizes computational modeling to further predict and optimize design solutions.

The Harbin lab works closely with human and veterinary clinical collaborators, including those at the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine and the Indiana University School of Medicine. The multidisciplinary team is composed of engineering graduate students and clinician-engineer trainees working alongside clinician-scientists, research scientists, post-doctoral fellows, medical students and residents, and undergraduate research assistants. Research projects are primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, foundations, and industrial grants.

Recruitment Needs

Looking for a highly motivated students with background in biomaterials, mechanobiology, biomechanics, and/or regenerative medicine to join our lab in spring or fall 2023.

Feel free to contact Dr. Harbin directly.

Email: harbins@purdue.edu