Dr. Luis Solorio

Areas of Research: Tissue Engineering, Osteoarthritis, Drug Delivery, Medical Imaging


  • Development of tissue engineered tumor models to study the environmental drivers of metastasis

The tumor microenvironment is a comples milleu of cells, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, and soluble signaling factors that drive phenotypic changes in cancer cells during processes such as the metastatic cascade. It is a challenge to determine how these microenvironmental factors act both individually and in concert to drive phenotypic changes in cancer cells as part of cancer progression. 

Our research is focused on applying principles of tissue engineering, medical imaging, and drug delivery for the development of modular, 3D tissue-engineered constructs that can used to evaluate the cancer cell response to microevniornmental cues. Taken in aggregate our tumor models can be used to develop patient avatars for precision medicine strategies, as part of high-throughput drug screening applications, and for the rational design of controlled drug release systems.


Recruitment Needs: 

  • Looking for one or two highly motivated PhD student with an interest in development of engineered models of disease tissue


Please feel free to contact Dr. Solorio directly
Email: lsolorio@purdue.edu