Dr. Julie C. Liu

Areas of Research

Biomaterials and tissue engineering, surgical glues, drug transport


Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Engineer material properties that promote new cartilage formation and protect cartilage matrix from degradation in an inflammatory environment. 

Biomedical Adhesives: Engineer mussel-based and oyster-based adhesives for applications in wound healing, external hemorrhage control, and dental/bone applications.

Adipose Engineering: Determine how material properties contribute to fat cell dysfunction for use in obesity tissue models.

Genetic Medicine: Focus on the use of nanoparticles to deliver genetic medicines intrathecally to the central nervous system


Recruitment Needs

Proactive students excited to be part of an interdisciplinary team

Please feel free to contact Dr. Liu directly.

Email: julieliu@ecn.purdue.edu

Website: https://engineering.purdue.edu/LiuGroup