Dr. Chi Hwan Lee

Areas of Research 

Flexible and Stretchable Sensors for Human Body-Integrated Healthcare Systems


Our lab’s research spans expertise in many disciplines including biomedical, mechanical, and materials engineering, through the fundamental understanding of the device physics, mechanics, and fabrication principles along with clinical implementations through effective communications with medical doctors, clinicians, nurses, and caregivers. The main research focus lies on developing flexible and stretchable materials for wearable biomedical devices.


sticker-like electronics, body-integrated healthcare applications, human hand-like glove sensor for prosthetic hand controls, skin-mountable sensor patch for  home tele-rehabilitation, large-scale wearable sensor for big animal healthcare, eye-mountable soft contact lens sensor for ocular diagnosis


Recruitment Needs

  • A creative, highly motivated, self starter to enroll as a PhD student in fall 2020

Please feel free to contact Dr. Chi Hwan Lee directly.

Email: lee2270@purdue.edu