Dr. Hugh Lee

Areas of Research:

Self-clearing implantable sensors, Microscale neural interface, Peripheral nerve stimulation, Neurovascular microsystems, Multifunctional 2D/3D microphysiological systems for neurotoxicity and cancer, Closed-loop device for opioid pandemic, BioMEMS


Our lab focuses on the development of novel translation-focused technology to address known clinical needs. We work as a team of interdisciplinary researchers including clinicians, engineers, and scientists with different backgrounds to tackle grand challenges in various clinical disciplines. Our tools and expertise include microfabrication using traditional and novel rapid prototyping fabrication processes. We utilize the latest developments in material science, biomimetic design, and novel computational techniques to reach our goals to develop simple, reliable, manufacturable, and translational devices.



Recruitment Needs:

A creative, highly-motivated, independent research scholar to enroll as PhD students



Please feel free to contact Dr. Hugh Lee:
Email: hwlee@purdue.edu