Dr. Tamara Kinzer-Ursem

Areas of Research: Biomolecular Detection, Protein-structure Function and Relationships, Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Protein Signaling Networks


  • Quantitative description of large-scale protein interaction networks

Using novel protein engineering and chemical biology tools we seek to quantitative measure the interactions of protein signaling networks that underlie receptor trafficking and protein complex self-assembly in neuronal synapses. 

  • Computational models of the molecular events that underlie learning and memory

Using mathematical models to describe the spatial and temporal behavior of protein interactions we seek to quantitatively describe emergent behaviors of proteins signaling networks. 

Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for creative, highly motivated, self-starters to enroll as a PhD student in Fall 2018
Feel free to contact Dr. Kinzer-Ursem directly at tursem@purdue.edu