Young Kim

Areas of Research: Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics

Project: Mesoscopic (between microscopic and macroscopic) imaging for photocarcinogenesis, surgical guidance, and engineered tissue

Light scattering and absorption-based approaches are undergoing in my lab. For example, spatial and temporal mapping of dermal hyperemia allows for the prediction of tumor sites. Strong clinical collaboration with Indiana University School of Medicine for clinical studies

Project: Naturally occurring lasing in natural/biological systems

This effect is also known as random lasers and the physical principle behind this photoluminescence phenomenon is intriguing. The simplicity of random lasers could serve as platforms for developing cost-effective devices, such as medical lasers, laser chemo/biosensors, and illumination sources.

Recruitment Needs:

Looking for 1 to 2 new PHD students with experience in physical optics, biomedical optics, MEMS, instrumentation…