Dr. Craig Goergen

Areas of Research: Cardiovascular Imaging and Mechanics

  • Project: High-Frequency Four-Dimensional Ultrasound (4DUS)

In the field of cardiac imaging [1234], our group has recently showcased a novel 4-dimensional ultrasound (4DUS) imaging strategy for evaluating murine cardiovascular kinematics, with an initial focus on cardiac applications [56]. Although conventional short-axis motion-mode (SAX MM) ultrasound and cine MRI are two of the most prevalent strategies used for quantifying cardiac function, standard ultrasound requires substantial geometric assumptions to calculate functional metrics (i.e. ejection fraction, stroke volume, etc.) and MRI requires large and costly systems with substantial infrastructure upkeep. Our novel 4DUS technique leverages current high-frequency transducers, cardiac- and respiratory-gating, and controlled probe movement to collect volumetric data while taking advantage of the portability and low cost of ultrasound. Preliminary applications of the 4DUS technique to a mouse model of cardiac hypertrophy [5] and myocardial infarction [6] have demonstrated that 4DUS-derived cardiac function metrics have precision on-par with that of cine-MRI. This work was recently highlighted as a VisualSonics “Featured Publication” and the 4D mode has now been integrated into the Vevo3100 high-frequency ultrasound system.

  • Project: Label-Free Photoacoustic Imaging

Combining ultrasound and optical imaging allowed us to develop novel photoacoustic techniques that offer great promise for a variety of clinical applications [78]. Our group has worked with collaborators to publish on breast tumor margin detection [9] and peripheral nerve visualization [10]. These efforts have been cited in multiple reviews [11121314] and was described in a Science review article as part of work that is pushing the “boundary of the vibrational spectroscopic imaging field in terms of acquisition speed, detection sensitivity, spatial resolution, and imaging depth” [15].

Recruitment Needs:

  • 1 new PhD student with experience and interest in medical imaging research and/or cardiovascular disease.

Website: https://engineering.purdue.edu/cvirl/
Email: cgoergen@purdue.edu