Dr. Edward L. Bartlett

Areas of Research: 

Neural coding, neural circuits, hearing, age-related hearing loss, recovery from blast damage, diagnostics and behavioral or device therapy for hearing loss, thalamocortical interactions, neural modeling


The Central Auditory Processing Lab (CAPLab), led by Dr. Edward Bartlett, records and manipulates neural activities and track changes in brain structures in order to understand how neural circuits perform complex task such as hearing in noisy situations, and how the brain adapts to injury or aging neurodegeneration. Dr. Bartlett employs a “Clinics to channels” approach to investigate neural function and potential treatments for dysfunction over a range of spatiotemporal scales.

Dr. Bartlett collaborates with the University of Toronto (Canada), Southern Illinois University, and the University of Salamanca (Spain) to investigate brain adaptation in humans and animals.

CAPLab graduate students have ample opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally for professional development, and Dr. Bartlett strongly encourages active participation and attendance at the leading international research conferences annually.

Recruitment Needs: Creative, motivated PhD students to unravel brains mysteries starting ASAP. 


Please feel free to contact Dr. Bartlett directly:

Email: ebartle@purdue.edu