Dr. Joseph Wallace

Areas of Research

Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology


The Bone Biology and Mechanics Lab focuses on bone mechanics (ability to bear loads) and mechanobiology (how cells respond to mechanical stimuli to maintain/increase bone mass). We investigate bone from mechanical engineering and materials science perspectives by tying morphology and composition to mechanical function and fracture resistance across bone's hierarchy. A common thread that passes through all our research is an intense focus on collagen and tissue hydration and the roles these play in bone health in the context of disease and treatment.

The lab is actively funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Veterans Affairs, and several grants from the National Institutes of Health. Projects span in vitro and in vivo studies of disease in bone and the impacts of mechanical and pharmaceutical interventions.

Recruitment Needs

Looking for 2-3 highly motivated MS/PhD students. Experience in mechanical and compositional characterization of materials is desired, but anyone with a strong interest in bone mechanics should reach out.

Feel free to contact Dr. Wallace directly.

Email: jmwalla@iupui.edu
Phone: (317) 274-2448