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Current Research Opportunities

Chad Carroll

Areas of Research:  Etiology and pathophysiology of tendinopathies

Krishna Jayant

Areas of Research:  Neurophysiology, two-photon imaging, nanotechnology, and CMOS bioelectronics

Chien-Chi Lin

Areas of Research: Polymeric biomaterials for cancer bioengineering and tissue regeneration

Jacqueline Linnes

Areas of Research: Point-of-care diagnostics and wearable biosensors

Elsje Pienaar

Areas of Research: Computational systems biology and systems pharmacology

Elsje Pienaar and Nan Kong

Areas of Research: Data science in disease treatment and epidemiology

Vitaliy Rayz

Areas of Research: Cardiovascular flow modeling

Joseph Rispoli

Areas of Research:  MRI instrumentation and methodology, multinuclear MR spectroscopy, computational electromagnetics, neurotrauma

Anne Sereno

Areas of Research: Computational neuroscience; biomedical instrumentation, biomedical imaging

Joseph Wallace

Areas of Research: Musculoskeletal biomechanics and mechanobiology