Current Research Opportunities

Edward Bartlett

Areas of Research: Neural coding, neural circuits, hearing, age-related hearing loss, recovery from blast damage, diagnostics and behavioral or device therapy for hearing loss, thalamocortical interactions, neural modeling

Douglas Brubaker

Areas of Research: Interrogation of host-microbiome interactions in inflammatory pathologies and cancers with the goal of developing new therapeutic strategies.

Deva Chan

Areas of Research: Orthpaedic biomechanics and mechanobiology.

Chi Hwan Lee

Areas of Research: Sticker-Like Electronics (StickTronics) for wearable healthcare applications

Hugh Lee

Areas of Research: Self-clearing implantable sensors, Microscale neural interface, Peripheral nerve stimulation, Neurovascular microsystems, Multifunctional 2D/3D microphysiological systems for neurotoxicity and cancer, Closed-loop device for opioid pandemic, BioMEMS

Jacqueline Linnes

Areas of Research: Point-of-care diagnostics, wearable devices, nucleic acid amplification, antigen-antibody binding, molecular diagnostics, health disparities

Joseph Rispoli

Areas of Research: Radiofrequency Coils, Computational Electromagnetics, MRI Methodology, Neurotrauma, Breast Cancer

Nan Kong

Areas of Research:  Machine learning, simulation modeling, computational epidemiology, computational biology, systems science

Anne Sereno

Areas of Research:  Understand and characterize the physiological mechanisms of attention, short-term memory, motion and the programming of eye movements, in order to help in the diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of various diseases and disorders involving the disruption of these functions.

Vitaliy Rayz

Areas of Research: Looking for a highly motivated  student with background in medical imaging and/or computational flow modeling to join our lab in fall 2022.

Riyi Shi

Areas of Research:  Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying nerve damage and recover, Tissue engineering in mammalian nervous system: polymer-based tissue repair and biomechanics of spinal cord injury

Mohit Verma

Areas of Research: Biosensors, Microbiomes, in vitro models, paper-based devices, point-of-care diagnostics

Matthew Ward

Areas of Research: Autonomic Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Bioelectronics, Translational Engineering, Biomedical Data Science