Current Research Opportunities

Brad Duerstock

Areas of Research:  Rehabilitation engineering, physiological telemetry, wearable computing, machine learning, gesture recognition, virtual reality, kinematics

Chi Hwan Lee

Areas of Research:  Flexible and Stretchable Sensors for Human Body-Integrated Healthcare Systems

Vitaliy Rayz

Areas of Research: Cardiovascular flow modeling

Joseph Rispoli

Areas of Research:  Radiofrequency Coils, Computational Electromagnetics, MRI Methodology, Neurotrauma, Breast Cancer

J. Paul Robinson 

Areas of Research: Single cell analysis and instrumentation, fluorescence and atomic spectroscopy, pathogen identification, nano-particle detection 

Mohit Verma

Areas of Research: Microbiomes, in vitro models, biosensors, paper-based devices, soft robots, nanotechnology

Joseph Wallace

Areas of Research: Musculoskeletal biomechanics and mechanobiology