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Current Research Opportunities

Tamara Kinzer-Ursem

Areas of Research: Biomolecular Detection, Protein-structure Function and Relationships, Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Protein Signaling Networks

Chi Hwan Lee

Areas of Research: Soft Bio-electronics and Bio-integrations

Chien-Chi Lin

Areas of Research: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Cancer Bioengineering

Dianne Little

Areas of Research: Tendon Tissue Engineering, Osteoarthritis, Tendinopathy, Systemic modulators of Musculoskeletal Disease

Russell Main

Areas of Research: Skeletal tissue biomechanics and composition, novel translational assessment techniques for tissue and structural properties

Elsje Pienaar

Areas of Research: Computational systems biology and systems pharmacology

Vitaliy Rayz

Areas of Research: Patient-specific Analysis of Blood Flow in Brain Aneurysms, Flow Models Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow through Vascular Devices

Joseph Rispoli

Areas of Research: MRI Instrumentation and Methodology, Multinuclear MR Spectroscopy, Computational Electromagnetics, Neurotrauma

Mark Sayles

Areas of Research: Systems Neuroscience, Auditory Brainstem Circuits, Hearing Loss

Yunjie Tong

Areas of Research: Multimodal Imaging of Brain Function and Perfusion and Novel Imaging Biomarkers for Brain Diseases and Injuries

Joseph Wallace

Areas of Research: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Mechanobiology