Current Research Opportunities

Edward Bartlett

Areas of Research: Neural coding, neural circuits, hearing, age-related hearing loss, recovery from blast damage, diagnostics and behavioral or device therapy for hearing loss

Douglas Brubaker

Areas of Research: Interrogation of host-microbiome interactions in inflammatory pathologies and cancers with the goal of developing new therapeutic strategies.

Deva Chan

Areas of Research: soft tissue biomechanics, extracellular matrix biology, and biomedical imaging with applications focused towards orthopedic health, injury, and repair

Hugh Lee

Areas of Research: Self-clearing implantable sensors, Microscale neural interface, Peripheral nerve stimulation, Neurovascular microsystems, Multifunctional 2D/3D microphysiological systems for neurotoxicity and cancer, Closed-loop device for opioid pandemic, BioMEMS

Jacqueline Linnes

Areas of Research: Point-of-care diagnostics, wearable devices, nucleic acid amplification, antigen-antibody binding, molecular diagnostics, health disparities

Nan Kong

Areas of Research:  Machine learning, simulation modeling, computational epidemiology, computational biology, systems science

Joseph Rispoli

Areas of Research:  MRI Methodology, Radiofrequency Coils, Computational Electromagnetics, Neurotrauma, Breast Cancer

Riyi Shi

Areas of Research:  Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying nerve damage and recover, Tissue engineering in mammalian nervous system: polymer-based tissue repair and biomechanics of spinal cord injury

Matthew Ward

Areas of Research: Autonomic Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Bioelectronics, Translational Engineering, Biomedical Data Science