NUCL 35000

Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics I

Instructor: Professor Bertodano

The first of an integrated two-course sequence introducing the concepts of nuclear reactor thermal transport and associated hydraulics with applications to design and safety. Nuclear heat sources and conduction. Macroscopic balances, dimensional analysis, and flow measurement. Fluid behavior, momentum transfer, and applications to reactor systems and design. First lecture course in the NUCL35100 and NUCL35500 series

Prerequisites: (Undergraduate level ME 20000 Minimum Grade of D- or Undergraduate level ME 35000 Minimum Grade of D-) and (Undergraduate level ME 27400 Minimum Grade of D- [may be taken concurrently] or Undergraduate level CE 29800 Minimum Grade of D- [may be taken concurrently]) or Undergraduate level ME 27500 Minimum Grade of D- [may be taken concurrently]