Lissette Fernandez

Clarkson University

Lissette Fernandez earned her bachelor’s degree (2009) in architecture from Higher Polytechnic Institute, Cuba. At Clarkson University, New York, she earned her bachelor’s degree (2015) in civil engineering and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in structural engineering. At Clarkson, she has served as a teaching assistant and was one of 15 graduate students nationwide awarded an NSF-funded Advanced Studies Institute (ASI) scholarship to participate in a workshop on the Resilience of Aging Infrastructures, held in Costa Rica in February 2019. Her research targets the creation of computational algorithms to efficiently determine optimal harvester properties and installation locations. A second research direction is the investigation of integrated design approaches to seamlessly include the harvesters in the host building or bridge, greatly increasing the likelihood of their adoption in real-world structures. She is the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Teaching Award and is a fellow in the George A. Gray Endowed Fellowship, both at Clarkson. Her ultimate goal is to use her architectural and structural engineering backgrounds to develop innovative ideas that will enhance the performance and integrity of the nation’s infrastructure systems while educating new engineers on the importance of sustainable design.

Research Interests

Vibrational energy harvesting design optimization