2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Conference

Purdue University’s 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Conference, formerly known as the Purdue Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium (URPS) is the largest annual showcase of undergraduate research across all disciplines. This event highlights the scholarly work and creative endeavors undergraduate students have been engaged in through oral or poster presentations and awards top students with both financial and non-financial awards.

Over 100 Engineering graduate students, faculty and staff volunteered to judge the College of Engineering poster submissions. The College of Engineering was involved in the judging of the posters as well as the provision of financial awards and recognitions — $300 for the first place, $200 for the second place, and $100 for the third place. The Engineering Undergraduate Research Office (EURO) partnered with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to assess and scientifically evaluate all poster and oral research submissions.

The volunteer judges from the College of Engineering provided feedback to the undergraduate student presenters throughout the research conference. The top posters and research talks were selected based on the formal feedback received on content, organization, and documentation. Awards were given in recognition of the undergraduates' research contributions and advancement on scientific knowledge.

Top 3 Research Talks

1st Place: Light Curve Inversion for Robust Shape Reconstruction of Man-Made Space Objects by Liam Robinson

2nd Place: Probabilistic Computing for Graph Coloring Problem by Haddy Alchaer

3rd Place: Optimization of Lipid Analysis for Anaerobic Digestion Feedstocks and Samples by Kyra Keenan

Top 3 In-Person Posters

1st Place: Dashboard Implementation Design and Visualization for Home Health Nursing Administrators by Mitchell Witt, Miranda Chai, Aidan Anastario, Hanna Ertel, Jack Knox, Jay Kee, and Kaushik Karthik

2nd Place: Soluble Precursors for Chalcogenide Semiconductors Containing Alkaline Earth Metals by Isabel Panicker

3rd Place: Experimental Investigation of the Rheological Characteristics of Printable Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics by Pattiya Pibulchinda

Top 3 Virtual Posters

1st Place: Managing Humidity in Electronics Using Water Vapor-Selective Membranes by Songhao Wu and Allison Mou

2nd Place: Analyzing the Function of a Gene in a Phage Genome: Using mutation analysis, protein structure, and phylogenetic information to draw conclusions by Caitlin Birthright, Alyssa Klipsch, and Halle Von Ah

3rd Place: Real-Time Mental Workload Assessment in Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Predicting Model Accuracy by Iris Layadi